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If you are reading this page then the changes are you already know what the site is about, but having an about us page is pretty much standard practice so here goes.

8BitAlliance.com is the site that is built around the Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast. Running for the last year it is a weekly podcast, were Paddy ‘DrunkenGamer’ Fellows & Daniel ‘Gow’ Gowen get together and have a few beers, get drunk and mull over the weeks gaming news.

We do our best to make sure we cover as many of the key stories as possible. From all the console news about the PS3, 360 and even the Wii U to the latest happenings in the MMO & FPS world.

Both DrunkenGamer & Gow have been games reviewers for over 4 years, Have been playing games since they were small (well smaller in Gow’s case, he is still tiny) & Both worked in games development for a while so have an interesting take on the gaming world as a result – they also like very much to get drunk, which in their case makes them rather amusing (or so their told people could just be being polite)

Joining them from time to time are some of their drinking buddies, Alec-Ross Bower, Craig ‘TurkeySaladBoy’ Albeck & Dan Allen. Each bring their own spin on the industry as a whole.

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